10 top tips to help your Facebook Page BOOM

Building a Strong Community on Facebook
   - Bess Yount, Small Business Team, Facebook

So you’ve created a Facebook Page to market your business…but what’s next? How do you establish yourself as a business people welcome into their News Feed, alongside their friends, family, coworkers, trending news, and everything else they care about? How do you reach beyond your current network to find not just more people, but the right people?

Here are 10 quick steps that will help you build your customer base on Facebook and make sure you reach all the people who matter most to your business:

#1. Invite your cheering squad. Odds are you already have customers, friends, and family who are already in your corner cheering you on. Encourage them to channel that support into positive reviews and interactions on your Facebook Page. You can do this by directly inviting your relevant Facebook friends to like your Page, or uploading your list of best customers so you can send them an email about it (all of which can be done from the “Build Audience”section). These are the people who will build the initial foundation and set the tone of conversation on your Page.

#2. Promote your Page in store. Foot traffic comes through your door daily. It is probably a mix of loyal customers and curious first time customers. Simply letting those first-timers know you’re on Facebook can help turn them into long-term, recurring customers. Place stickers on your door promoting your Page, print a link to your Page on receipts, and/or offer a discount at the register for customers who “like” your Page on the spot!

#3. Integrate. If you have a website, blog, or email newsletter, make sure you are giving customers (new and old) a way to engage with and share your content back to Facebook by using Facebook login, Facebook plugins, or providing a link to your Page. For more information, visit our Developers site.

#4. Add value. For one week, stop and take note of anything in your own News Feed that inspires you, educates you, makes you laugh, makes you feel, or compels you to engage or click to read more. When the week is over, take time to reflect on the content you’ve captured. That is your competitive landscape. Get in the game with authenticity, creativity, and thoughtfulness. Be inspired by other businesses like yours here.

#5. Run a promotion or contestIt’s easier than ever to run a promotion or contest on Facebook. You can do so simply through a post on your Page! It’s as easy as asking your customers to participate in a photo submission or photo caption contest and letting them choose a winner by liking to vote for their favorite. Engagement driven participation in contests or promotions drives further reach and awareness. As long as you adhere to our Page Terms, you can get creative!

#6. Target your posts. If you are posting content that is only relevant to a certain subset of your customers, then target them specifically. Many businesses don’t know that you cantarget posts by demographic and geographic information before you publish them! This is a great way to deliver highly relevant content to your customers in the News Feed, and to more efficiently drive awareness and engagement with exactly the right audience.

#7. Boost your posts. Once you’ve built your initial community and established the content and a voice that resonates best with fans, it’s time to find and reach new people likely to be interested in your product or service. You can use Facebook ads to send the right message to the right people at the right time, across any device. Also, for as little as $5 a day, you can put some extra fuel behind a post that might be helping to drive business (such as a promotion or a new product announcement). For more information on how to do this, visit our Boosted Post section.

#8. Measure. Check out Page Insights to see the kinds of people who are connected to and engaging with your Page. Is it mostly men? Women between the ages of 25 and 37? What kinds of posts do people react to the best? Photo posts? You can even discover what time of day they are on Facebook week to week. You can find this information on the Insights tab at the top of your Page. Use this information to learn, improve, and even to help determine your target audience for your next Facebook ad.

#9. Download the Pages Manager app. We know that business owners are busy! If you’re away from your computer often, download the Pages Manager app to manage your Page on the go. You can post, edit your Page, boost posts, and view your insights straight from the mobile app on your phone. Get it in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

#10. Delight. Show generosity and empathy now, and it will come back to you later, with interest. Highlight customer photos or a customer of the day on your Page. Find out what causes people care about and help grow awareness and support through your Page. Cross promote news and events from other businesses that might interest people. Embrace the opportunity to turn a critic into an advocate by addressing any issue that arises and then offering to correct it. When you care, they share.

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