5 Reasons Why Traffic Is Not Coming To Your Site

Internet Traffic


You have your new website up and running, everything looks great, you sit back with a big smile on your face and remember how everyone said “if you build it, they will come”.  So you wait.  And you wait, then you wait some more.  But the traffic does not come.  “What’s wrong?” you wonder.


Here at SocialClix.Biz we’ve put together a list of the 5 reasons why traffic is not coming to your site, that might help you to figure out why you have no traffic.




1.  Poor Content

Your content is poorly written, without the inclusion of keywords that people are searching for in your niche.  You should do keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool and include both short keywords and long-tail keywords related to the content on each specific page, in your written copy.  Remember Content is King!


2.  Keywords in Headlines

Make sure that you have included your main Keywords in the Headline for that page.  When anyone searches Google for a particular keyword, the  results they get will only show pages with the Keywords in the Headline, so it is extremely important to have them included.


3.  Google doesn’t know your site exists

You haven’t submitted your site to Google and is hasn’t been indexed.  You have to let Google & the other search engines know that you have a new site and ask them to crawl it.  To do this create a  sitemap using this Goolge XML Sitemaps plugin.  Then submit your sitemap to Google using the Google Webmaster Tools.  It is good practice to resubmit your sitemap each time you make updates to your site until your site grows in popularity and Google index it more frequently.


4.  Make your links work

Your need to Make Your Links Work!  Links should be built within your site linking your pages together, in addition to external links  pointing to your site from third party, related sites.  Google gives preference to sites that have high PR (page rank) links linking to them from external sources.  Always work on your link building, do not ever, buy links from a link-farm as ultimately Google will penalise you for poor quality spammy links.  The easiest way to build good quality links to your site is to comment on other related blogs and forums, in addition to posting on social media sites.


5. Optimise your images

All your images need to be optimised for the Search Engines, what this means is that you need to give both Alt. Tags and Title Tags to all of your images, so that when anyone searches for an image in your niche Google can show your images in the results as the spiders will have crawled the text describing the image (the spiders can’t tell what an image is without a Alt Tag or Title Tag).  Always try to use the main keyword for the content on the page, in the title tag of the images included on the page.


You should go back now and check your website and see if you need to take action on any of these points.  If you’re stuck and need a little help, then drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you!