Blogging For Business

Blogging for businessFirst off, a blog is an easily accessible journal for your personal or business profile online, that is usually updated regularly and reflective of the personality of the authors.

It has become a very popular tool over the last few years, for promoting your marketing and content, but is it something that you need to add to your online presence for your business?

The answer quite simply is Yes!  

Blogging allows you to consistently add new and fresh content to your website, in an easily manageable way.  Google loves new content, this results in Google seeing your website as current, up to date & always improving thereby delivering what your visitors search for when they visit your site, all leading to improved SEO, so it’s a win-win situation!


Blogging helps you to build trust with your potential customers and your interaction with them shows them that you care about them, that you want to do business with them.  Done properly a blog can give your business another platform on which to communicate to your customers in two way conversations.  Adding and updating content is easy, customers can comment and interact directly with your business, giving their input and opinions, which in turn give you a vital insight into how well your business is performing for your customers.

On the downside, you need to regularly update your content, that means somebody has to be responsible for writing your business blog posts, that represent the tone of your business the way that you want it portrayed.  Your posts needs to be authentic and engaging, you want comments and feedback, you should include links and keywords, and be consistent in your frequency of updating your posts.

If you need a little inspiration and want to check out what is being said on some of the world’s best blogs, the top 30 bloggers are featured here and before you start writing your own blog, you should make reading their blogs a priority!


Some ideas for the type of content that you may want to blog about would be:

  • Contests and Promotions that your are running in your business
  • Whats the latest news about your business - do you have new product or service launches coming up, what are you working on?
  • New products that are on the market that would be of interest to your customers
  • Make a list of industry information, such as “top 10..” “how to …”  “The best of…”
  • Review books related to your niche and write a review for your customers - be honest but zone in on what your customers would want to know.
  • Interview guest authors in your niche (normally easy to do as this endorses their expertise by having back-links from your blog to their site)  Blogs for Business

So that’s the basics of blogging for business and what you need to know to get started.  For a much more in-depth look at what to do and when, we suggest you sign up for Chris Brogan’s free blogging newsletter.  According to Chris: “You Aren’t Just a Business. You’re a Media Company. Are You Ready?”