Facebook – Do it right!!

Master facebook for your business


Profile or Page – Does it matter?   Surprisingly some businesses starting out on Facebook launch their business presence by setting up as a personal profile rather than a business page.  Take our advice on Facebook - do it right, from the beginning!

Let’s see what impact this has! Imagine your business name is Glow Beauty Clinic.

You have a boutique beauty salon & spa and want to let the world know about its existence. Ah Facebook, yes, you’ve heard it’s a great way to get the word out on the street and build a fan base for your salon. So you do a little bit of research and discover that you can set your salon up as a business page called “Glow Beauty Clinic”

  • You can invite your friends to “Like” your new page and share it with their friends.
  • You can build a quality, loyal customer fan base for your page organically.
  • You can run ads through Facebook to promote particular events and promotions.
  • You can run competitions to increase engagement with your fans.
  • You have access to a host of analytics that help you understand your customer base more.

But then, you get scared and you think that your page won’t look very popular if you don’t have a couple of thousand “Likes” that translate into “Fans”! Your friends own Honey Bee Florist down the street and have done things the wrong way.  They haven’t set up a Business Page; instead they set up a personal profile using the name HoneyBee Florist.

Then you do a little bit more research and HoneyBee Florist tells you that they are having problems with their Facebook Profile.  They have been given two warnings by Facebook that their profile could be shut down at any moment, as it is in violation of Facebook’s Terms & Conditions

“Since personal accounts are meant for individual people, they aren’t suited to meet your business needs. Pages offer more robust features for organizations, businesses, brands and public figures”

Facebook - Do it right!

Alarm bells ring for you now! What will happen to all the content that HoneyBee Florist posted  to get their friends?  Will it all be lost?  But worst of all, what happens if Facebook do actually shut down their profile?  All their work will have been in vain and they will have nothing to show for it.

So what’s the solution? First of all, to avoid ever being in the same situation as HoneyBee Florist, a business should ALWAYS, ALWAYS only represent itself on Facebook using a business Page.  There are no reasons ever, why you should set up as a personal profile for your business.  Remember that Facebook are notorious for always changing the rules without warning and implementing immediate changes so don’t risk your businesses’ online presence by getting it wrong.  Do it right from the beginning.

Remember the main reason to have your business on Facebook is so that you can engage and interact with people who are interested in your business and what you have to offer.  Genuinely interested people who are likely to become your customers are what you ultimately want to achieve.  It is all too easy to be tempted to look successful and popular by having hundreds or thousands of friends following your brand, but if they are never going to revisit your profile again or are never likely to become your customers, then you are simply wasting your time.

If your business did happen to set up a Personal Profile rather than a business profile, you’ll need to convert the Personal Profile into a Page.  All your friends and subscribers will be transferred over as Fans of your new page and your account’s username will be the username for your Page. Now this is the difficult to digest bit!!  NONE of your content will be carried over to your new Page, so make sure you save any important content before you convert your Profile to a Page.

To avoid losing content you need to download a file that contains all or your messages, photos and videos that you uploaded to Facebook while your Profile was active.  You also need to appoint a new group admin to any groups that you manage as you’ll lose all admin rights during the conversion process for the account you’re converting.

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We hope this helps you make an informed decision if you were considering getting your business onto Facebook and wondering whether a Profile or Page is best for your business.  We have converted profiles for many of our clients and they always wish that they had set up their Page correctly from the beginning.   The lost organic growth of years of conversations & post content could all have been avoided with a little bit of extra knowledge! If you need any help in setting up your Page or converting an existing Profile to a Page, then get in touch with us - we’d love to help you! Facebook - Do it right!!

Article written by SocialClix.Biz