Google + Are you getting it?



Google + Are you getting it?There’s so much talk lately about Google + and why you need to be on it. But you’re probably thinking that’s it’s just another social media site and that you don’t have time to be on it, you’re so busy already trying to keep on top of your tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates and Pins on Pinterest, why would you possibly want the hassle of even more work?

Guess what! Your business needs to be on Google + Why you might ask? Well put simply Google Plus is a social media site that is owned by the biggest and most popular search engine on the internet, and with that comes your opportunity to improve your SEO (Search engine optimization) by having your site connected to it.




Google + Are you getting it?

In Google Plus, you create Circles, which are groups that you organize by topic that group people together, i.e.. family, friends, college mates, colleagues, special interest groups, hobbies, etc. Then within your circles you drag and drop each of your contacts into the relevant group, making it easier for you to share with them.

Hangouts allow you to chat with your friends in your circles. It’s simply a chatroom facility with video and audio, that allows you to bring up to 9 people into your world to Hangout together for a chat!


There’s even a Games Room, where you can challenge your friends and beat their high scores, share games and just have a fun time.

Search allows you to get updates from your Circles, along with other news from the web and from Google Plus public posts, with instant access to all your areas of interest and the people in your circles.

Google Plus

Ways in which Google Plus can benefit your business

Improving your search engine rankings is the most obvious one, as businesses who have a Google Plus page will rank higher than one that only uses Facebook. Google Plus gives your business the advantage of appearing at the top of the search results when your business name is googled. This gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Google Plus Hangouts give your business a great opportunity to have video conferences with members of your Circles. Hangouts are a great way to collaborate with members of your company if they are located in different places around the world, the screen share facility enhances this feature even more, in addition to Google Docs.

With Circles it is easy to group your clients into different categories, based on their interests, geography, potential to purchase, history, loyalty, etc. This then allows you to offer specific deals and promotions that are tailor made and exclusive for each of your customer groups.

Everything you need to help you get your business page set up on Google Plus is available here.