Google Plus For Your Business

What is Google Plus and how can it help your business?


Google + is a social network that is owned and operated by Google.  What’s great about Google + is that it can help your business focus on sharing your content within groups that you create in Google + called Circles.  You create Circles by adding friends, family, colleagues and people whose business you are interested in, into your circles.  You could have Circles called; “Family” “Friends” “Social Media” “Designers” etc. - label the circles to suit your shared interests with those who you to your Circles.

Google + has also created a feature specifically for multimedia, where you can easily manage and edit any multimedia files that you have shared and the ones that you have been tagged it.

Hangouts are another feature specific to Google Plus, a Hangout resembles a small private online chat room where you can discuss topics of interest with up to 9 of your friends in a private chat with video enabled features.  Only those friends that are in the Circle of the chat group  that is “Hanging out” can request access to join the Hangout.  Hangouts let you set up video conversations with you customers and colleagues. You can get immediate face-to-face product feedback,  solve customers’ problems or just socialise with them.  You can also collaborate with colleagues in a remote location and share documents in real time .  Then when you’ve done all that you can broadcast your Hangouts to the rest of your audience and potential new audiences.

Everyone has a different interest in the various parts of your business, they’re not all looking for the same thing, some may want the latest news, details of promotions your running, photos and videos of your products, or they may just want to have a chat with others in your circles.  Video chat allows all this to happen easily so that you can target the right customer with the right message.

To help spread the word about your business on Google+  you should place a +1 button prominent on your website so that your customers can recommend your business, products and services to all their friends on the internet.


Google Plus For Your Business can help you grow your business, if you’re not on Google+ but your competitors are, they are going to gain a huge advantage in the search results listings over you.  Google is currently altering its algorithm to favour social recommendations over other more traditional SEO actions including links and keywords.