Licensed to Phlok

We are the only official Licensed to Phlok agents in the world!!

SocialClix.Biz are thrilled to be the very first Licensed to Phlok Agents in the World!! Yay for us!! Seriously though, Phlok is about to take the world by storm.

“What is Phlok?” we hear you ask;

It’s a Social Loyalty Platform where you earn points when you follow, check in or make a purchase in any Phlok partnered business.  Quite simply, it rewards you for your loyalty to your favourite brands and businesses.


Phlok GeolocationHow does Phlok work for your business?

  • Phlok makes social media easy and profitable
  • A loyalty scheme that encourages repeat purchase
  • Reward consumers for telling their friends about you
  • Promote offers in real time
  • Search and target message your followers
  • Automatic user alerts
    • We create a virtual fence around your store,
    • Users are alerted to your offer as they walk or drive by!
    • engagement through incentives


Users collect points for activities such as –

  • Checking in
  • Following
  • Purchasing

Points are redeemed for gift vouchers, these can be used in any Phlok partner store

(All check-ins and purchases are published to Phlok & Facebook more awareness on social networks)

What are the benefits for your business?   Phlok Facebook Integration

  • See who is following, checking in and spending with you
  • Target message by gender, age, most recent visit & birthday
  • All revenue from sales via Phlok your business keeps!
  • Discount or don’t discount, phlok points protect your brand

Why consumers love it!

  • Find friends and be seen on a map on their phone or their computer
  • Access to hundreds of great deals in stores nearby in their town
  • Collect Phlok points for their activity worth real money

How much does it cost?

  • Cheaper than print!
  • Monthly subscription: €/£35 per month
  • Phlok Points: 100 Points cost €/£0.15
  • Build your Phlok: €/£0.25 per follower

Phlok Business Dashboard

What happens next…

  • Contact SocialClix.Biz & we’ll make an appointment to chat with you about setting Phlok up for your business
  • It’s so easy to register!
  • Set a monthly budget for Phlok points (checkins, purchases & followers)
  • Provide your company logo for our designers to make your advert
  • 6 month contract (90 day notice required for cancellation (to allow offers to filter through)