Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface TabletMicrosoft Surface Tablet has just been lauched.  Initial thoughts are that it looks sleek and sexy, the variety of colour keyboards will most likely prove to be a winner especially with young and trendy surfers.

Even though we are avid fans of both Apple’s iPad and Android Tablets, we feel that this new Microsoft Tablet will really shake up the market.

The design of this tablet has immense appeal, particularly the super thin  exterior, it just looks so beautiful!Microsoft Surface Tablet

There are two choices of cover, the Type Cover which is black and has standard net-book style keypad, and the Touch Cover which has a really slim, fully functioning keypad embedded into it and comes in a variety of cool, bright colours.  The screen is a huge 10.6″, making it almost an inch bigger than the iPad screen.  Both versions come with a Kickstand that means you can use the Tablet in an upright position without having to prop it up - now that’s cool too!

There’s a micro SD card slot so you can upload your full movie and audio collection onto the Surface and access all your favourites wherever you go!  With 2 cameras, stereo speakers and a microphone, the Surface Tablet looks like it has everything you could possibly want from a Tablet.  Surface allows you to surf super fast with Windows 8 Apps, along with being able to discover movies, games and music in the Windows Store.

There are two models, a Windows RT version (mobile OS for tablets) which will most likely be the most popular choice, and a Windows 8 Pro version aimed towards business users who will require the functions of a laptop on their tablet.



What we’re wondering is if the Surface Tablet will be a serious competitor to Apple or Android?