Pinterest !

Why do you need to know about Pinterest?

Unless you’ve been offline for the past 6 months you’re sure to have heard about the latest biggest explosion, onto the social media networks, Pinterest! It has quickly positioned itself as the 3rd. most popular Social Network, with Facebook and Twitter being ahead of it.

The appeal and fascination with Pinterest is it’s simplicity and huge visual appeal. It’s like being able to choose all your favourite images, recipes and ideas that you would normally have viewed in magazines and books, only now, they are all “pinned” onto visual scrapbook boards on your computer, so you can categorise them and view them at any time - without it costing you a penny! Not only that but you can share your “boards” with your friends, and follow their boards too along with any other ones that you like from people you don’t even know but like their style or content on their boards.

Pinterest Boards

A great little feature of Pinterest is the “Pin it” button that can be placed in your browser tool bar, then when you see an image anywhere on the web that you want to save to one of your “boards” you just drag the button from your tool bar and “pin it” onto the image, which will then save it to the board that you choose.


So how can it help your business?

First off you need to get a Pinterest Account, you need an invite from someone who is already a “Pinner”, otherwise apply to Pinterest directly - this process takes at least a week, so don’t hang about, get your account sorted.




After you’ve received your invitation, complete all the information tabs for your account for your business, and select themes for your boards, keeping them focussed on what your business is about. If you are a craft store or a jewelry maker, for instance, then keep all your boards related to what your potential customers would be looking for if they were to visit your store, online or off. Start pinning images to your boards, add little captions in the space below each image and if possible ensure that the images have come from your website, so that when they are repined and anyone clicks on the image itself, then they will be brought back to your website (as the original source of the image). Connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook Account and your Twitter Account, so that every time you Pin something onto a board, it gets shared with your friends giving your business another little boost (though you cannot connect your Facebook business page to your Pinterest account, only your Facebook Personal Profile Page). Before you know it, you’ll find that your images have become viral and that your web traffic begins to soar as pinners all over the world share your boards.


Follow boards in your competitor’s space too, so that you can see what they’re up to and make sure that you stay current on all matters in your business space. Don’t forget to pin other people’s posts & boards too, as they in turn will repin your posts & boards. Interact with people who repin from your boards and the boards that you follow, add little comments, create new boards. Add images of any new products that you have have, create “review boards” on existing products, create boards of satisfied customers, quotes related to your business, infographic boards and upcoming projects. You can also add video to your boards. Whatever is good to talk about and promote your business online in a visual context, you should be putting on Pinterest.


So in a nutshell, Pinterest can help your business by generating a high volume of additional traffic that creates more buzz about your business which in turn can lead to additional sales.