Plugins that your website should have!




Every WordPress website needs particular plugins to assist in both the functionality and performance of the website.  We often get asked by website owners what they can do to improve their website so we thought we would share a list of some of the most popular plugins that we like and use most often;



1.  Limit Login Attempt

This will help you to hold back the hackers! There’s nothing more annoying that finding out that your website has been hacked, especially by a Bot.  When you have installed this plugin you can customise the settings to suit your own needs.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This has to be one of the very best plugins available to do all your SEO (search engine optimisation) in one place.  Get into the habit of completing each section of the plugin when creating every new post or page on your website.  Google will love you for it, or rather your rankings in Google will be greatly enhanced by using Yoast.

3.  CBNet Ping Optimizer

When you publish a new post in WordPress, (depending on your settings) it will often ping other websites.  However, if like most people, you create a post, then edit it, revise it, then edit it again, the search engines might think that you are a ping spammer and black list you, even though you are genuinely just editing and correcting your article or post.  This little plugin will ensure that you are not seen as a spammer.

4.  W3 Total Cache

If your website is too slow to load then you are in danger of losing your site’s traffic - your site should load in 5 seconds.  Adjust the settings on this plugin to ensure optimum loading speed of your site.

5.  Google XML Sitemap

You all know how important it is to generate and submit your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo, don’t you? Well this plugin will do just that for you!

6.  Digg Digg

You want a little floating sidebar that allows all your posts to be shared on the social networks, don’t you?  Make it easy for your readers by having clickable icons right next to where they are browsing, install this plugin and you’re all set.

7.  404 to start

Don’t you hate it when you land on a 404 forbidden page on anybody’s website?  Cure this problem on your website by installing this plugin and setting it up to redirect to whatever page you want rather than a 404 invalid page.

8.  WP DB Backup

What’s worse than having your site hacked? Yes, losing all your data, this plugin will allow you to backup your site so that you never need worry about losing everything ever again!

There are many more plugins that we often use, however these are the most popular and basic ones that we recommend.  If you have any difficulty installing any of these, just give us a shout, that’s what we’re here for!