Setting up Facebook Ads

Setting up Facebook AdsFacebook Ads and Sponsored Stories can help you reach your potential customers and your target audience.

First off, before setting up Facebook Ads you need to decide what you want to promote, is it your Facebook Page, an event or maybe your website.  Then decide what activity you want to promote in your Ad. or sponsored story.

You could promote your Page with a new Ad about your page, a post on your Page, when people like your Page or when anyone likes your Page post.

Targeting the right people is your next step.  Give some consideration to who you want to reach with your Ads.  Things to consider are; where are they located, what gender / age are they, relationship status, education, likes & interests, etc.

Next step is to design an engaging Ad.  It is best to create several different versions of your Ad, using different images and body copy to test which combinations are the most effective in giving you your desired results.  You should include your business or Page name in the title of the Ad.  Give a clear call to action in the body copy, highlighting the benefits.   Use images that are attractive and eye catching.  Target different audiences to decide which is most responsive to your campaign.

Then you need to set a realistic budget that will allow you to run an effective campaign to reach your target audiece.  Setting a daily budget is an ideal way to keep control of your costs when you are starting out.  You simple set the maximum amount that you are willing to pay each day and then once your budget is reached your Ad is no longer shown that day, but begins to show again the following day.

Lastly you need to review and improve your Ad performance using Facebook Ads Manager, where you can access detailed metrics that can help you improve your Ads performance and make amendments as necessary for your campaigns.  These metrics allow you to view data such as number of Ad impressions, clicks, most responsive time of day for Ad performance etc.

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