Sugar Supper Club Kickstarter Project

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SocialClix.Biz is really excited about this new project that is proposing to start on our doorstep, so much so that we just have to share it with you all, and we know you’ll love it too!
What exactly is Kickstarter & what is the Sugar Supper Club?
Kickstarter is using crowd funding to start a business when the banks don’t want you.  With bank lending no longer an option for a lot of start ups, and small businesses being too high a risk for investors, we are having to seek alternative methods for funding.
Crowd funding gives the businesses a better chance of success by not having them paying the bankers bonuses and by giving them the support of the local community before they open.  In effect, projects are supported by private contributions in return for an opportunity to advance purchase the services or products that the business is raising funds to start.
Now that you understand what Kickstarter (crowd funding) is, we’d like to share with you a fantastic new project in Newry City, Northern Ireland that has just launched it’s Kickstarter Campaign.
The project is the Sugar Supper Club and is the brainchild of renowned local chef Neil Bradley.
The Sugar Supper Club is a new French style bistro, that will open in Newry City Centre.
With only 30 days to raise the £12500 needed to launch the restaurant in an all or nothing scenario, Kickstarter offers a platform for start up entrepreneurs to raise the money needed while bypassing the usual funding avenues such as banks and external investors. In return for their financial support backers are offered perks and rewards from the businesses, usually either discounted products or exclusive experiences.
Along with crowd funding, entrepreneurs are taking to bootstrapping to start their new ventures, wherein start up costs are kept to a minimum, largely by making all available money stretch as far as possible and carry out as many tasks as possible themselves rather than outsourcing.
When we caught up with Chef Neil, earlier this week, he had this to say about his new restaurant;
“I have had to take on a lot of the refit and refurb of the building myself, with help from my family, to keep the costs down, I have reused and recycled as much as I can from the building I have leased.  When I took over the premises we couldn’t access the back door
from outside because of junk, but instead of just clearing and dumping the junk we took it to a local scrap yard, the money we got paid for the junk went towards the tiling in the kitchen, we have reused old mirrors, the old lighting and reused plastic cladding in the kitchen. Of course the help and
support from my family and friends has been incredible and I owe a good few meals to them when we open the restaurant.”



How can you help kickstart the Sugar Supper Club?
You can pledge your support to help with funding, from as little as £5 all the way up to £5,000, so go on dig into your pockets and let’s all help create this beautiful new French Bistro in Newry!
You can find further information on The Sugar Supper Club at Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, and of course the Sugar Supper Club website.