Top 4 Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social media is one of the pillars of inbound marketing. Considering the billions of people present in various platforms, you have to be crazy not to have your brand be part of it.

Setting up a profile is just as easy as making a mistake.  When businesses make mistakes in social media, users aren’t too forgiving.

So if you want to strike the correct chord and rub your audience the right way, here are some of the biggest social media mistakes you should avoid:

1. Concentrating too much on Facebook

While it is the most influential platform with 1.11 billion active users, your brand shouldn’t revolve only around Facebook.

Understand that majority of your market aren’t really up to doing business on Facebook. They want to catch up, connect and engage more casually. So putting in all your efforts and resources into one platform will surely do you more harm than good.
Consider Pinterest for your products as well. You can also create vlogs through YouTube or even post your company quirks on Instagram.

2. Autoposting the same content in different platforms

The beauty of social media is that you have the ease to share the same content throughout all the platforms. While this works once in a while, it’s a big no no for you to always be autoposting the same content throughout Facebook, Twitter and other venues.

Each platform is meant to behave differently. Twitter picks up on what the current news and updates are. Pinterest is visually driven and YouTube of course, is made for videos.

Keep in mind that at the very least, you need to tweak your content and tailor-fit it into each platform. Don’t be too lazy. You’ll come off as impersonal and distant to your market if you keep on autoposting the same thing.

3. Missing out on the latest topics and events

Social media is a vehicle for all things current and new. In fact, a lot of people rely on it to learn what the latest occurrences, news and events are.

Many businesses become too product-centric that they forget to share what the latest news in their industries are. This is a big mistake because you come off as a brand that doesn’t care what’s happening in the rest of the world.  As much as you can, incorporate what’s new in your industry and let your market now you’re aware of what’s happening. This way, you can always ignite interest at the same time, aid in making your content more sharable.

4. You don’t measure your efforts

Many marketers forget to measure their efforts, especially when doing social media marketing. They end up thinking that all they have to do is post content that will engage their audience.

Failure to use metrics or measurement tools is failure to see where your social media efforts are going. Thus, you’re simply wasting your resources and time into putting in your campaign.

There are tons of tools you can use to measure your social media efforts like Viralheat and Spredfast. This way, you are able to actually quantify your strategies.

For your inbound marketing campaign to become successful, you need to take note of these mistakes and avoid (or fix) them at once.

This article was written by Nicole Samonte as a Guest Blogger on SocialClix.Biz.
Nicole is a Content Specialist for Webcada, an inbound marketing company in Singapore.  She spends the rest of her time guest-blogging for various websites.